Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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Services We Offer

We realize that the choice to quit smoking is a difficult one.  We also realize that while it is a personal choice it can potentially affect many others around us, especially close family & friends.  We offer forum support and an online chat room with many knowledgeable, experienced people who have been through what you are going through.  We will be here to answer questions you may have.  As we continue to grow, we will be adding more services and features to our site

Tried and Trusted Vendor List

In our Products section, we have a list of vendors that we have all used with great satisfaction.  We offer promotions, in the form of coupon codes for some of these vendors, to help you save even more money.  If the vendor offers papa-ricks.com a discount, the coupon or discount code will be given on the vendor’s page that we created.


If you want to post in the forums, send private messages to other members, or join us in chat, you will need to be a member here.  We realize that not everyone wants to keep filling out registration forms, so we installed a Facebook module to allow you to register using your Facebook account.  Membership has its benefits, but the forum information is completely available for guests to read.

Forum Support

Our forum is a place to ask questions, post comments, read informational articles, and meet others who have stopped smoking and started vaping.  You can read their stories, and post your own.  The current forum software is fairly new, but under the forum heading “Papa-Ricks Original Forums” you can find a link to our old phpBB forum, and find older articles and posts there.

Chat Room

This is a place to talk with others like yourself in real time.  There is nothing like getting an immediate answer from real people, to a question about quitting smoking, or beginning vaping!

Private Messaging

You can contact a member who is not online by using the Messages button.

Papa-Ricks E-mail AccountsPrivate Messaging

E-mail accounts for papa-ricks.com’s members are available, and free for the asking.  Please contact Rick from the Contacts area to set one up.

 Website Hosting

Do you have an idea for your own website?  Fatcow is our internet host for Papa-Ricks.com.  They offer low rates, unlimited bandwidth and space allotments, as well as unlimited email accounts and have been quite reliable for Papa-Ricks.com.  With their Simple Script add-ons you can have a variety of platforms up and running in no time and be up and running with your own website.

If you need any assistance with this or have any questions about this, please feel free to ask!




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