Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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Bradshaw Mountain e-Juice

Finally... Papa-Rick's very own label on e-juice... Well Close!  Papa-Rick (aka RoadRunner) has developed his own line of Juice and it is Now Available Online!

Where??? At The Prospector Mall Online (https://www.prospector-mall.com) of course.  Even if you have an account over here you will need to register over there of course, but a limited selection of new hardware as well as the ability to order our very own brand of e-juice, we think is pretty cool!

Come pay us a visit... Coupons are available here in Papa-Ricks forums, including a permanent 15% off (currently store wide, but that may change to e-cigs and juice only once we get going) and The Prospector Mall Online offers many more products such as AZ Ghost Town Stage (Owned by RoadRunner's Dad and RoadRunner himself) which features both ATV and Jeep Tours to some of the oldest historical sites in AZ.  The old gold mines that started everything up here in the Bradshaw Mountains, some dating back to the mid to late 1800's.  We can also possibly swing you into a real, currently operational mine for a behind the scenes peak.

Buzzard Creek Prospecting Products are also available and feature Gold Panning Kits, PayDirt (with guaranteed Gold) and other Gold Panning supplies.

Coming soon, to The Proospector Mall Online will be Gregory's Graphics Products where you can order Custom shirts, Coffee Cups, Mugs and many other products.  Gregory's Graphics and The Prospector Mall will also be the source for some custom Papa-Ricks and/or Bradshaw Mountain e-Juice Products which will also be coming soon.

Please come by, register for an account and mention you saw us at Papa-Ricks, and you will have special coupon codes available.  This is our way of saying Thanks for Supporting Papa-Ricks!



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