Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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Deleting Your Internet Cookies

The first way to attempt deleting your Papa-Ricks.com cookies is a link at the bottom right hand corner of any of our forum pages or the chatroom that says "Delete All Board Cookies".  This should log you out and you will have to log back in. If it doesn't do it the first time, try again.  You can also try the following steps to manually delete our cookies from your browser, depending on what browser you are using.

Internet Explorer: Note: If you do not have a Menu bar in internet explorer, the Tools will be at the top right-hand side of your screen and looks like a little gear icon.

Go to Tools - Internet Options - General Tab - Under Browsing History there is a delete button. Here you can place a checkmark under cookies & temporary internet files. Note: If papa-ricks.com is listed in your favorites, you will have to uncheck the box at the top that says Preserve Favorites website data. Also note: Clearing cookies will also delete username and password info from your other websites you log into.

Firefox: Note: If your menu bar is not showing in Firefox, you can right-click on the top  of the screen where it says Mozilla Firefox and click the "Menu Bar" to turn on the menu bar.

Tools - Options - Privacy Tab - Remove Individual Cookies - Scroll down to the papa-ricks.com folder and highlight it, then click Remove Cookies. Note: Remove all cookies will do just that... it will delete all your cookies from all your websites and you will have to remember and type in  your username and password info for any site you need to log into. You may only want to delete the papa-ricks.com cookies.

Google Chrome:

At the very top right of your open Chrome browser, just after the address area you will see an icon with three horizontal lines. If you hover your cursor over it it will say "Customize and control Google Chrome."  Click on it. There are two ways to clear out cookies:

If you do not mind losing stored username and password information: From the drop-down menu that appears click on History.  Then select Clear all Browsing Data.  Put a check mark in the box beside Delete cookies and other site plug-ins.  It is advisable to empty your cache from time to time, so you might want to check that box also.  At the bottom of the box there are 2 choices Clear Browsing Data, and Cancel.  Click on Clear Browsing Data. ***Deleting cookies this way will delete your username and password information from all websites.***

If you have a lot of stored username and password information and want to selectively delete only papa-ricks cookies: From the drop-down menu that appears click on Settings and scroll to the bottom of the page and click where it says "Show advanced settings." Under Privacy click on Content Settings and click on Cookies. Click on All cookies and site data. It will open up a list of all the cookies stored on  your local computer.  Scroll down to the papa-ricks cookies and select the X to delete them. 


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