Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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Do you want to quit smoking cigarettes?*

Everyone who smokes knows deep down inside that they should quit.  The health risks associated with smoking and second-hand smoke have been known for years.  Some of us, as smokers, have experienced the problems associated with long-term smoking first hand.  Many of us have tried all kinds of ways to quit before but were unsuccessful.

*Note: The FDA has not approved E-cigs as a Smoking Cessation method. It is considered an Alternate Nicotine Delivery method.


Maybe you don't want to quit and wish there were a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes.

Are you a long-term smoker who enjoys smoking?  Come on, let's face it, smokers are addicted to the habit of smoking just as much as we are to the nicotine contained in our "cancer sticks."  Well, what if you could switch to a safe alternative that had none of the drawbacks or bad side effects of smoking cigarettes, but provided the same satisfying hand to mouth actions and the nicotine?   What if we could "smoke" around non-smokers without worrying about our second-hand smoke bothering them?   We have all been chastized and criticised for our habit.


Enter the E-Cig - Quitting made easy!

Very satisfying, helps with the urges associated with quitting smoking.

Many tasty flavors to choose from

No Smoke, No Ash, No Tar

You are only getting Nicotine, not the 4,000+ known chemicals and toxins found in cigarette smoke

You can use e-cigs in many places that traditional cigarettes are banned


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